• PDF & Case CATalyst Proofreading

    Standard $.45/pg (PDF); $.55/pg (CC)
    - 2-3 business days (49hrs +)

    Rush $.55/pg (PDF); $.65/pg (CC)
    - 48 hours or less (25-48hrs)

    Expedite $.65/pg (PDF); $.75/pg (CC)
    - 24 hours or less (0-24hrs)

    Immediate/Right Now
    $.80/pg (PDF); $.85/pg (CC)
    -drop everything and proof

  • Case CATalyst Scoping

    Standard - $1.25/page
    - with full audio

    Expedite - $1.75/page
    - with full audio

    Dailies - $2.50/page
    - with full audio

Important Info

*For larger jobs (150 pages or more), please let me know in advance. I prefer you to send manageable chunks of 50 pages or so to ensure timely proofing and return. Working together, we can meet any deadline!


Invoices will be sent on the 15th and last day of each month.
Payment terms are Due Within 15 days of Invoice.

Please note that any late payments will incur a fee of $10/month until payment is received.


Payments are accepted through Wave, Google Wallet (which requires a free Google account), PayPal, or checks.

Click here to connect with Google Wallet.  (No fees!)
Click here to connect with PayPal
Direct pay through invoice via Wave.

Please note that there is a fee to pay via PayPal and Wave with credit cards (2.9%+ $.30). The amount of this convenience fee will be added to the total of your invoice amount.

Other rates:

Rates for proofreading novels, e-books, blog posts, etc., are TBD and negotiable.